«Logistics of grain cargoes 2016»

International conference

31 May 2016
Gelendzhik, Russia

On the 31st of May 2016 the II conference "Grain cargo logistics" was held in Gelendzhik.

The conference was attended by more than 50 delegates.

Exports of grain and products of its processing amounted from January 1 to April 11 2016 9.58 million tons, including wheat - 5.39 million tons (56%). Mainly shipment for export of grain and products of its processing was carried out through ports of Krasnodar Kray and the Rostov region. It was assumed that further export growth will cause even more significant load on the transport infrastructure of Russia. Are domestic elevators, ports, terminals and roads ready for such a scenario? How is the export infrastructure of our neighbors developing? We tried to cover these and other issues at the conference "Logistics of grain cargoes".

On the eve of the new grain harvest, within the framework of the dialogue, the interested parties discussed the issues of grain export, focusing on the problems arising when it is sent abroad. The need for clear and coordinated interaction between exporters and representatives of grain terminals and state bodies exercising control was noted.

Agenda Conferences

10.00 – 10.30 participants registration.

I Session

  • SKZD report
  • «Organization and prospects of grain cargo transportation through the ports of the South of Russia»
  • Kudryashov Konstantin, head of SKZD logistics center
  • «RZD Logistics» report
  • «An integrated approach in organization of grain exports»
  • Babkin Roman, head of transport solutions department

11.45 - 12.15 coffee-break

II Session

  • TMBCL Ltd, UK report
  • «New» freight market and maritime transportation of grain cargoes»
  • Daddell Andrey, director
  • TransBaltInspection report
  • «Freight forwarding and logistics of bulk cargoes in the port of Novorossiysk on the example of «TransBaltInspection» company»
  • Simonov Anton, deputy CEO for logistics and port forwarding

13.30 - 14.30 lunch

III Session

  • URAMA report
  • «Customs clearance and control of goods and vehicles crossing the borders of the Сustoms Union»
  • Chepelev Vasiliy, customs issues consultant
  • «KSK» Grain Terminal report
  • «KSK» Grain Terminal development prospects»
  • Gorbenko Yuriy, deputy CEO

15-30 - 16-00 coffee-break

IV Session

  • Admiral Ushakov Maritime University report
  • «Independent energy sources of grain terminals and problems of their operation»
  • Lisachenko Alexey, postgraduate
  • «Operational reliability of port grain complexes increase by application of modern methods of technical condition control»
  • Gerasidi Victor, professor

17.00 – 19.00 dinner

Participants Conferences

  • Rosselkhoznadzor
  • Maryukhina Antonina, deputy head of land supervision, quality control and grain safety department;
  • Filipenko Nikolay, deputy head Krasnodar region and the Republic of Adygea department
  • SKZD management
  • Kudryashov Konstantin, head of SKZD logistics center
  • Kolobov Oleg, head of Novorossiysk railway station
  • Admiral Ushakov Maritime University
  • Gerasidi Victor, professor
  • Lisachenko Alexey, postgraduate
  • Ust-Donetsk Port
  • Pyaterikov Andrey, CEO
  • Novorossiysk Grain Terminal
  • Kron Roman, deputy CEO
  • Sobol Natalia, head of logistics department
  • OC «Granit» Bagaevskiy shipping terminal
  • Novikov Alexey, head of logistics department
  • Grain terminal complex Taman
  • Gnatko Sergey, CEO
  • Terentiev Anton, director of manufacture department
  • KGS-Port (port Temryuk)
  • Zakharov Sergey, director
  • Belichenko Vladimir, head of commercial service
  • Managing company "EFKO"
  • Potapov Kirill, head of handling business
  • Marine terminal Taman
  • Lukhtan Sergey, head of work with clients department
  • «KSK» Grain Terminal report
  • Gorbenko Yuriy, deputy CEO
  • Donrechflot
  • Fyodorov Nikita, deputy commercial director
  • «RZD Logistics»
  • Babkin Roman, head of transport solutions department
  • EuroTek-Universal
  • Kirilov Evgeniy, CEO
  • Rusagrotrans
  • Gureev Evgeniy, head of sales
  • Voronov Artem, CEO
  • Cotecna Inspection (East)
  • Evgeniy Shimov
  • TransBaltInspection
  • Simonov Anton, deputy CEO
  • Cargill South
  • Kryuchkova Elena, head of logistics department
  • Aladzhaev Igor, head of transport logistics group
  • Zhatko Olga, head of international supply execution group
  • Evropac-South
  • Vorontsov Igor
  • ТMBCL Ltd, UK
  • Daddell Andrey, director
  • Southern Industrial Company
  • Antonian Georgiy, shareholder
  • Skorik Yaroslav, commercial director
  • Managing company "Commonwealth"
  • Bas Igor, head of cargoes exports group
  • FSFI «Centre for Grain Quality Assurance»
  • 1 delegate
  • AgroTerra Logistics
  • Chernyshev Dmitriy, head of logistics department
  • Kolisnichenko Maya, deputy CEO
  • "MTA Caspian Cargo Services"
  • Moroz Denis, deputy CEO
  • Edush Anton, deputy director
  • Mikhailyuk Vadim, deputy director
  • Iqube
  • Massalitin Evgeniy, deputy head of agro inspections department
  • «RM Rail»
  • Danko Igor, CEO
  • Monastyrskiy Oleg, candidate of biological sciences, head of the toxicogenic organisms and agricultural products biosafety laboratory
  • CF GNU VNIIZ Rosselkhozacademia
  • Vetelkin Gennadiy, director
  • Chepelev Vasiliy, customs issues consultant
  • BSSS
  • Sabov Laslo, CEO