«Logistics of grain cargoes 2015»

International conference

08 June 2015
Abrau-Durso, Novorossiysk, Russia

On the 8th of June 2015 in Abrau-Durso, Novorossiysk the "Logistics of grain cargoes" conference was held.

About 50 delegates from Russia and ukraine took part in the forum.

According to the Ministry of agriculture, in the current 2014/2015 agricultural year Russia exported 25.1 million tons of grain (+29% to the season 2013/2014). According to earlier forecasts, the export of Russian grain in the 2014-2015 agricultural year could grow to 27-32 million tons. Further export growth will put an even greater strain on Russia's transport infrastructure.

Are domestic elevators, ports, terminals and roads ready for such a scenario?

How is the export infrastructure of our neighbors developing?

These and other issues were discussed at the conference "Logistics of grain cargoes".

Agenda Conferences

10.30-11.00 Registration of participants in the Congress hall of the wine tourism Center of agricultural firm «Abrau-Durso»

I Session

  • «SovEcon» report
  • «Medium-term views on grain exports from Russia. Key trends and future directions»
  • Voskovtsova Olga, senior analyst
  • «Morstroytechnology» report
  • «Trends and problems of grain logistics infrastructure development in Russia»
  • Gopkalo Olga, leading specialist
  • «KSK» grain terminal
  • «Prospects of «KSK» grain terminal development»
  • Gorbenko Yuriy, deputy CEO

12.00-12.30 coffee-break

II Session

  • SKZD report
  • «SKZD strategy in the development of access roads to the ports of southern Russia»
  • Zorin Mikhail, acting head of the Krasnodar center for the organization of the railway station of the North Caucasus Directorate of traffic management
  • AGA Partners report
  • «Force majeure: to be or not to be? Legal consequences of restrictions on grain exports to Russia»
  • Suleymanov Aminat, managing partner

13.30-14.30 lunch in «Terrasse di Lago» restaurant

III Session

  • VNIIZ report
  • «Fumigation of grain in the holds of ships and containers»
  • Zakladnoy Gennadiy, doctor of biological sciences, professor, head of the pest protection and sanitary protection of grain and grain products laboratory
  • Republican Fumigation Group report
  • «Quarantine phytosanitary disinfection in the export of grain and other quarantined products»
  • Amaev Vladislav, deputy head

15.20-15.50 coffee-break

IV Session

  • Protein biotechnology center in the «Basic Element» group report
  • «Volga as a new transport axis Russian of grain exports»
  • Shushkevich Yuri, director
  • Admiral Ushakov Maritime University report
  • «Operational reliability of port grain complexes increase by application of modern methods of technical condition control »
  • Dubrovin Ruslan, lecturer of the STD department
  • URAMA report
  • «The main results of the 2nd stage of monitoring of goods and vehicles movement and optimization of procedures for the movement of foreign trade and transit cargo flows at sea checkpoints of the southern ports of the Russian Federation in the context of the implementation of the action Plan to improve the situation in seaports»
  • Esipenko Alexander, director

17.00-18.30 Excursion with champagne tasting in the Russian Wine house Abrau-Durso. You will find yourself in the old mountain tunnels, built in the late XIX century by Prince Golitsyn, when Abrau-Durso was a specific estate of the Royal family.

18.30-21.00 BBQ style dinner at the «Round lake» manor

Participants Conferences

Sea and river terminals

  • Bagaevskiy shipping terminal
  • Ponomaryov Nikolay, director
  • Taman grain terminal complex
  • Gnatko Sergey, CEO
  • Terentiev Anton, director of manufacture department
  • «KSK» grain terminal
  • Gorbenko Yuri, first deputy CEO Горбенко
  • Taman maritime terminal
  • Krivenko Anastasia, deputy director for economic modeling
  • Pak Alexey, deputy director
  • Tuapse commercial sea port
  • Kropovnitskiy Vitaliy, head of grain terminal
  • Chubunidze Pavel, derictor for commercial service and operations


  • Kamyshinskaya Grain Company
  • Osipov Suren, president

Grain companies and traders

  • Artis-Agro Export
  • Portnov Sergey, head of logistics department
  • Vega
  • Reusin Lev, CEO
  • Voronezh Agro Holding
  • Kruglikov Andrey, CEO
  • Kolibri
  • Gorbunov Andrey, director
  • ТД «АгроГард»
  • Chilikin Sergey, head of logistics
  • Hakan Agro Rus
  • Vasilieva Marina, deputy director for logistics and foreign trade activity
  • Golubova Alla, foreign trade activity logistician
  • CHS Agromarket
  • Fomenko Elena, head of maritime logistics group
  • Kotsur Dmitriy, head of railway transportations group

Freight forwarding companies

  • GAC Shipping and Logistics
  • Demyanyuk Andrey, business development manager
  • Ruscon
  • Shilovskiy Anton, head of commercial department
  • Global container service
  • Chernyshov Andrey, commercial director
  • Silaev Valeriy, director
  • Transport logistics
  • Myshkin Denis, head of feasibility study

State structures

  • Federal Centre of Quality and Safety Assurance for Grain and Grain products
  • Gordienko Alexander, director of Novorossiysk branch
  • Department of the Federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary surveilance in the Krasnodar territory and the Republic of Adygea
  • Fontanetskiy Alexander, director
  • Filipenko Nikolay, deputy director

Railway operators

  • SKZD
  • Zorin Mikhail, acting head of the Krasnodar center for the organization of work of the railway station of the North Caucasus Directorate of traffic management

Shipping companies

  • Dawson Group Limited
  • Gaponov Igor, managing director
  • EuroTEK-Universal
  • Kirilov Evgeniy, CEO
  • Kudryavtsev Yuri, first deputy CEO
  • Joint Stock “VOLGA SHIPPING”
  • Glukhov Evgeniy, head of cargo transportations department

Information and analytical agencies

  • SovEcon
  • Voskovtsova Olga, senior analyst

Research institutes, Universities, engineering and project firms

  • Admiral Ushakov Maritime University
  • Dubrovin Ruslan, lecturer of the STD department
  • Morstroytechnology
  • Gopkalo Olga, leading specialist
  • Zakladnoy Gennadiy

Law companies

  • Suleimanova Aminat, managing partner

Fumigation of grain

  • Amaev Vladislav, deputy head
  • Skarabey
  • Malushkov Gennadiy, CEO
  • Suppliers of containers and packaging for bulk cargoes,
  • forwarding, logistics
  • Europac-South
  • Tarkhanian Lyudvig, CEO

Public and professional associations

  • Esipenko Alexander, director

Place of holding

«Primorye» hotel, Gelendzhik, Russia