«Grain and oilseed export Infrastructure»

International conference

12 May 2010
Gelendzhik, Russia

On the 12 of May 2010 the conference "Grain and oilseed export Infrastructure" was held in Gelendzhik.

Agenda Conferences

9:30—10:00. Registration of participants and issuance of conference documentation

Venue — «Primorye» hotel, conference-hall

Session 1.

  • «SovEcon» report
  • «Medium-term views on grain exports from Russia. Key trends and promising directions»
  • Sizov Andrey-junior, executive director
  • BSSS - Group report
  • «Asian markets and export logistics development»
  • Sabov Laslo, CEO
  • «NovomorNIIproekt» report
  • «Problems arising in the delivery of grain export to the port of Novorossiysk and ways to solve them»
  • Gonenko Sergey, CEO

11.30-12.00 – coffee-break

Session 2.

  • «Global container service» report
  • «Grain cargoes sending via port of Novorossiysk experience»
  • Shilovskiy Anton, head of commercial department
  • "Environmental packaging technologies" LLC report
  • «Dry LinersT BIG Red and BIG Red FlexitankT packaging systems as a tool for optimization of export logistics of bulk cargo and the guarantor of the preservation of their quality»
  • Saulskaya Anna, marketing director
  • International Finance Corporation report
  • «IFC participation in financing of infrastructure projects»
  • Mytarev Sergey, senior investment advisor

13.00-14.00 lunch in «Trophy» restaurant

Session 3.

  • «TD TMK» report
  • «TMK's participation in strategic projects for the development of Russian port facilities»
  • Varshavskiy Igor, head of separate division
  • Admiral Ushakov Maritime University report
  • «Control of technical facilities of port grain terminals and determination of reliability indicators of the operated equipment»
  • Dubrovin Ruslan, postgraduate
  • CF GNU VNIIZ Rosselkhozacademia report
  • «New technologies of elevator industry applied at grain terminals of the South of Russia»
  • Vetelkin Gennadiy, director

16.30-19.00 evening dinner (banquet) on behalf of the organizing committee in the «Ukrainian courtyard» restaurant

Participants Conferences

Preliminary list of participants

State bodies

  • Department of agriculture administration of Krasnodar region
  • Skvortsova Natalia, main specialist
  • Directorate of the state customer of the program of development of sea transport
  • Mezhlumyan Roman, head of monitoring of international projects department
  • Novorossiysk branch of «Rosmorport»
  • Boichenko Oleg, director
  • Maksimenko Elena, press secretary
  • Administration of seaports of Taman
  • Melnik Bogdan, first deputy

Managing, stevedoring companies and terminals

  • Azov Port Elevator, LLC
  • Ponomarev Dmitriy, CEO
  • Lada-Gelendzhik-Trans, LLC
  • Maksimov Vasiliy, CEO
  • Novorossiysk grain terminal, JSC
  • Andreev Igor, deputy CEO – head of marketing
  • Arabadzhiev Anatoliy, director of main engineer direction
  • KSK, LLC
  • Amaev Alexey, deputy CEO for bulk goods
  • Baldin Igor, deputy director of transshipment complex for marketing and commercial
  • Rostov Universal Port, LLC
  • Aseev Ivan, commercial director
  • TEK Rostov port, LLC
  • Shvatskiy Pavel, CEO
  • Tuapse Commercial Sea Port
  • Tkachenko Alexey, head of grain terminal

Railway operators

  • Rusagrotrans, JSC
  • Guseva Natalia, leading specialist of marketing and strategic development department

Cargo owners, traders

  • Noble Resources
  • Domolyutchenkov Mikhail, manager
  • Agromarket, JSC
  • Filinov Alexander, commercial director
  • Mozzherin Dmitriy, director
  • Bunge CIS, LLC
  • Serova Elena, head of export-import operations department of agribusiness division
  • Znakovskiy Anton, director of Novorossiysk branch of agribusiness division
  • Krasnodarzernoprodukt-Expo, LLC
  • Korbula Alexander, deputy director
  • Rusagroexport, LLC
  • Pedchenko Alexander, director for strategic development
  • Suntrade (Bunge CIS)
  • Khladchuk Paulo, logistics manager
  • «Sun Products» holding
  • Makeev Sergey, head of analytical department
  • EFKO-Trade, LLC
  • Gritsay Anton, foreign trade executive director

Forwarding, agency companies and brokers

  • Gamobramov Roman, director
  • Global container service
  • Shilovskiy Anton, head of commercial department
  • AB Linas Agro
  • Gudzhyunas Valdas, logistics manager
  • BSSS - Group
  • Sabov Laslo, CEO

Project institutes and Universities

  • NovomorNIIproekt
  • Gonenko Sergey, CEO
  • Admiral Ushakov Maritime University
  • Dubrovin Ruslan, postgraduate
  • CF GNU VNIIZ Rosselkhozacademia
  • Vetelkin Gennadiy, director

Engineering companies and equipment manufacturers

  • Melinvest, JSC
  • Tikhonov Yuri, head of sales
  • Environmental packaging technologies
  • Tsyban Irina, sales development specialist
  • Saulskaya Anna, marketing director
  • Varshavskiy Igor, head of separate division
  • Elevatorstroydetal, JSC
  • Krivulya Sergey, deputy director
  • Rosagrosnab, JSC
  • Limarev Yuri, CEO
  • Filobok Sergey, first deputy CEO
  • SKESS Corporation, LLC
  • Dormorstuk Alexander, CEO
  • Yakushkin Vladimir, deputy CEO for marketing
  • Kozlov Mikhail, deputy CEO for projects
  • Mulmix Facco Srl
  • Flavio Secondo Garnero, regional manager
  • Buhler AG
  • Krapivin Dmitriy, director of Moscow representation

Banks and insurance companies

  • International Finance Corporation
  • Mytarev Sergey, senior investment advisor

Information-analytical, research and consulting companies

  • SovEcon
  • Sizov Andrey-junior, executive director

Place of holding

«Primorye» hotel, Gelendzhik, Russia